05.05 02:28closerchuj
07.04 05:27xixujutro wywiad z kylie w DD TVN...
06.04 05:18krko2No i jest płyta. :)
25.03 14:43closerbyło zajebiście!!!! w pierwszym rzędzie byłem :))))))))))))))
25.03 12:34AvarisGratuluje! Mnie nie udało sie dostac biletów :(
22.03 15:54closerbyłem w berlinie na kylie presents golden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.03 04:14krisjest ok....widać,że nie ma parcia na komercję...te dwa single to już inna Kylie...nie zawojuje może świata ale czy po 30 latach kariery musi
09.03 06:18krko2Jak się podoba nowy kawałek: Stop Me From Falling ? ;)
18.01 faktycznie poszła w inne rejony....niedługo się przekonamy czy taka KYLIE chwyci
16.01 04:10closerja już słucham sobie, trochę słaba piosenka, hitu nie będzie
15.01 11:14krko2Za kilka dni nowy singiel. Ciekawe co to będzie. ;)
26.12 16:36closera chuj, nie chce zadnych duetów
26.12 13:13krisciekawe co z tym duetem z robbiem
26.12 13:12krisraczej singiel
16.12 08:42closerludzie, w styczniu nowa płyta Kylie, z tu tak pusto ???
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Grand Seiko Caliber 9S63 SBGK005 Replica Watch

Baselworld 2015 - Bremont Part 2
Last time we introduced some new versions of bremont kingsman . This time, we will continue to complete the remaining lineup, and perhaps a short roar of a movie partner to complete the task.

The U-2 was originally inspired by the elite u-2 spy plan squadron. With the introduction of the U-22, new ones have increased. A newly developed bezel design with a new barrel color and date aperture design.

It can be traced back to its aviation source, and the date display reflects the view on the altimeter. Another significant difference is the indication change of the inner ring of rotation. Originally designed for measurement in the U-2 for 60 minutes, but for this new model it has been updated to show the compass quadrant.

Further design clues, such as hands and new bronze barrels, are extracted from military use. Unlike the U-2, the back of the new U-22 showcase shows a cute automatic movement. Like all Bremont fake watches for sale, the rotor is also receiving special attention.

This time, I will continue to cooperate with Jaguar. During the Baselworld in March 2015, two new models debuted. The Mk1 and Mk2 received design clues from the original E-type dashboard in 1961. For your Bremont enthusiasts, the Mk1 is very similar to the Jaguar 'lightweight' limited edition watch released last year, and the number is very limited. Both watches are beautiful, and it is undeniable that their most beautiful side is the opposite.

On the back of the case is a display window that truly shows the work and surface treatment of these two new Jaguar models. The rotor is of course the main point of conversation. Design hint for the original E-type steering wheel to be replicated in the form of a rotor. It is simply glorious. I hope that more watch manufacturers have such talent and boldness in rotor design.

Paying homage to a classic and amazing car is one thing, reinterpreting the design language and at the end it seems that the damn benefits are completely different levels.

Finally, after watching Kingsman's roaring and super-violent movies, I was able to get the Bremont Kingsman special edition high quality replica watche . I love the world of Basel!

Here are some images that show you what you offer. These three versions are very cute in themselves, but like all journalists, or at least observers, I have my favorite. At first glance, due to its hidden appearance, I would say the black DLC version.

For some rose gold versions, only fully-fledged Kingsman members wear it.

For me, it must be a stainless steel version, smart, not picky, not pretentious. For movie collocations, these watches are subtle and have good watch design support. As we have seen before, it's not just the pattern on the dial.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it, and Samuel L. Jackson is especially good as a villain.BRM V12-44-GT-CDUK watch

Kingsman: The costume behind the movie

The film "Kingsman", whose director Matthew Vaughn explained to the Financial Times, was born in Huntsman:

The 43-year-old boy said he was inspired by the film in the tailor's locker room. "I am making a suit at Huntsman. Since Queen Victoria, all the rich have been wearing suits. I am bored. I started to imagine what would happen if I pressed a secret button and the whole room became elevated and entered a secret. The nest. The idea of ​​this tailor as a spy-organized storefront was shaped."

The British "Financial Times" article further clarifies the philosophy behind the film and its cooperation with the designer:

Produced and manufactured in the UK, Kingsman brings together the most respected names in gentleman equipment; the collection includes Locke&Co hats, Cutler and Gross glasses, Turnbull & Asser shirts, Drake's ties, George Cleverley shoes and Mayfair's Swaine Adeney Brigg Umbrella (唉, bullets are not included). These suits are made by Cheshire Bespoke. “This is one of the few factories in the UK and can still make completely customized clothing,” says Mr. Porter’s Purchasing Director Toby Bateman, who played an important role in the entire collection.

As the Kingsman film franchise reaches its highest marketing bubble, we believe we will share the content and location of the apparel and accessories with readers.replica swiss watches

These sets are designed by Cheshire Bespoke.
These shirts were made by Turnbull and Asser.
These shoes are GJ Cleverely.
These glasses are designed by Cutler and Gross.
The tie is Drake's.
The watch is provided by Bremont.

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