05.05 02:28closerchuj
07.04 05:27xixujutro wywiad z kylie w DD TVN...
06.04 05:18krko2No i jest płyta. :)
25.03 14:43closerbyło zajebiście!!!! w pierwszym rzędzie byłem :))))))))))))))
25.03 12:34AvarisGratuluje! Mnie nie udało sie dostac biletów :(
22.03 15:54closerbyłem w berlinie na kylie presents golden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.03 04:14krisjest ok....widać,że nie ma parcia na komercję...te dwa single to już inna Kylie...nie zawojuje może świata ale czy po 30 latach kariery musi
09.03 06:18krko2Jak się podoba nowy kawałek: Stop Me From Falling ? ;)
18.01 faktycznie poszła w inne rejony....niedługo się przekonamy czy taka KYLIE chwyci
16.01 04:10closerja już słucham sobie, trochę słaba piosenka, hitu nie będzie
15.01 11:14krko2Za kilka dni nowy singiel. Ciekawe co to będzie. ;)
26.12 16:36closera chuj, nie chce zadnych duetów
26.12 13:13krisciekawe co z tym duetem z robbiem
26.12 13:12krisraczej singiel
16.12 08:42closerludzie, w styczniu nowa płyta Kylie, z tu tak pusto ???
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Eh, it a matter of opinion, every gen had shit looking pokemon or forgettable ones, but honestly I think gameplay wise black2/white2 were the best simply by having A. A decent story that wasn as cookie cutter as the other generations, B. An actual hard mode that made battles a lot more difficult and requiring more thought than spamming the most available super effective move you had and C. A good postgame that kept you engaged and didn necessitate you swapped to online battling.
If you have a sneaking suspicion that they a camper, leaving gens at full and waiting until a hook to go back and pop them will have them feeling pressured to leave. If it the first time someone being hooked, (I noticed its nurse that 100% permacamp from foreigners by the way) I try working on the closest generator or sabotaging the nearest hook. Again, this relies on your teammates, but I use Bond on any character I can whenever I can so it more feasible for me.
Just to explain a bit more: Alfonse has a lot of moves that, while not hard to dodge, almost all can pretty much oneshot anyone, and it a never ending stream of these moves, and they so you can use invincibility frames to avoid damage. In Overdrive the moves get bigger and have multiple stages of AoEs, and for a while Alfonse gains quadruple strength buffs because what he really needed was to be even stronger.

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