05.05 02:28closerchuj
07.04 05:27xixujutro wywiad z kylie w DD TVN...
06.04 05:18krko2No i jest płyta. :)
25.03 14:43closerbyło zajebiście!!!! w pierwszym rzędzie byłem :))))))))))))))
25.03 12:34AvarisGratuluje! Mnie nie udało sie dostac biletów :(
22.03 15:54closerbyłem w berlinie na kylie presents golden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.03 04:14krisjest ok....widać,że nie ma parcia na komercję...te dwa single to już inna Kylie...nie zawojuje może świata ale czy po 30 latach kariery musi
09.03 06:18krko2Jak się podoba nowy kawałek: Stop Me From Falling ? ;)
18.01 faktycznie poszła w inne rejony....niedługo się przekonamy czy taka KYLIE chwyci
16.01 04:10closerja już słucham sobie, trochę słaba piosenka, hitu nie będzie
15.01 11:14krko2Za kilka dni nowy singiel. Ciekawe co to będzie. ;)
26.12 16:36closera chuj, nie chce zadnych duetów
26.12 13:13krisciekawe co z tym duetem z robbiem
26.12 13:12krisraczej singiel
16.12 08:42closerludzie, w styczniu nowa płyta Kylie, z tu tak pusto ???
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The commotion alone has created a good look

To actually make the most of the passing game, you will find 3 moves you should definitely be using Buy MT 2K20, among which is brand-new to the sequence. The new receiver control lets you take charge of a player without the ball for the first time in the collection. Press and hold O/B to control a nearby player. From there, you can move them wherever you like to receive the pass. We have found tremendous success with doing this to create open three-point looks and easy layups. Once you let go of O/B, the ball is passed to your designated spot.

Lead to basket passing might not look as significant since recipient control allows you to do it yourself, however, one important difference is that you're able to keep moving with the ball while leading a teammate to the basket. Press and hold Triangle/Y to send a player to the paint toward the hoop. Publish the pass right until he enters the restricted region. Releasing any later than that will cause the pass to be flung under or even past the hoop, limiting access to an easy layup.Effective at allowing your original ball handler to finish at the rim, the sacrifice and move should surely be on your 2K20 passing toolkit. Press and hold X/A. Following your teammate catches the pass, then continue to hold X/A while you streak toward the hoop. Release to find the pass back and finish. Once more, launch X/A just prior to entering the restricted area to make sure a fantastic look.

We discussed in our NBA 2K20 review which Takeover is a brand new special move that boosts key features. Every participant has at least one of nine Takeovers, which temporarily heighten the skills they already excel at. On offense, there are five Takeovers: Shot Creator, Sharpshooter/Stretch Big/Playmaker/Point Forward, Post Scorer, and Slasher/Athletic Finisher.

In MyCareer mode, you activate Takeover manually, but in regular matches, you'll know it is active once you see an on-fire icon next to a player's name. Once activated, you'll have boosts for a few possessions. Be careful, however, as Takeover goes both ways. This enables you to know they're in a funk and enhances their natural abilities to you break out of it by doing something great.

It is not always smooth sailing, though NBA 2K MT. Calling the choice and roll alerts the defense, and your display man's authentic defender will attempt to change up and shield you. If you do not move quickly enough or in the event the defense sniffs it out before it's possible to execute correctly, you need to move it into one of your other three teammates. Odds are that the commotion alone has created a good look, but otherwise, you could always reset the offense.

Playing good defense at the NBA 2K series has always been harder than playing quality offense. On crime, you order the tempo and make the initial movement, but on defense, what you do is a reaction to the opposing group. Back in NBA 2K20, defense is appropriately balanced and opens the door to shutting down your opponent with greater efficacy. Still, you need to be on the prowl at all times and you can't take possessions off.

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