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I'm So High

Kylie Minogue/Guy Chambers/
Megan Smith

Will you take me poolside, t
To feel the summer breeze
There's a place that looks inviting
By the frangipani tree
A little taste of moonlight
A nd a canopy of stars.

Ooh, it's a feeling, such a feeling
Something I cannot hide
You're the reason I'm so high

Ever had the feeling
S omething couldn't be more right
I feel as if I know you
A nd we only met tonight
I've got a cool sensation~
I can hardly catch my breath


The party's almost over
I don't want tonight to end
We could be starting something
Y ou feel more than a friend
The universe conspired
For the two of us tonight


On the ceiling, in the evening
Such a feeling, I'm so high

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