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Kylie Minogue/Guy Chambers/
Robbie Williams

Come join the loveboat
We're anchored offshore
Martinis and Bikinis
Oh l'amour

Loved up in Lame
Quest ce qu'on va faire?
Live your love like heaven
Sur la mer

We'll just float cause the beach is boring
Our love boat is more alluring
We'll sail on with saviour faire
sur la mer

Have an Havana, pass me a peach
Rub on some lotion, the places I can't reach
Cool down with cocktails
Lose all your cares
007 Heaven, sur la mer


We're in a place where Heaven breathes
Make some love and shoot in the breeze
Livin' out the memories we share
Sur la mer

Waltz in the wake of the shore
I will be there
Marine, sunset dream
I'm your cure, I will be there


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