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K Khaleel/David Billing

Remember how it used to be
Remember how you promised me
That life would always be good
You forget the fact you lied to me
You locked my heart and threw the key
I'm so misunderstood

Chorus A:
What to say when all the words have gone
Promises, promises
What to do when all our thoughts have flown
Promises, promises

Remember how I gave my heart
And all at once we fell apart
Was I supposed to forgive you
You forgot the fact you said to me
That we were for eternity
You're so easy to see through

Chorus A:

Remember that I'm over you
And know that I will make it through
Hope you never forget it
The promises you made to me
Were really lies and fantasy
Hope you come to regret it

Chorus B:
What to say when all the tears have dried
Promises, promises
What to think when all our love has died
Promises, promises

The promises we used to keep have gone
And with them all the words
That kept us both from seeing what was wrong
The rest is silent

Chorus A
Chorus B


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