Karen Poole / Johnny Douglas

Fragile seams

I opened up too quick and all my dreams

Were walking out I'd slowly

Lost my fire

With every single man a river cried

I had no sensation

Completely numb, left with no satisfaction

I thought no-one could ever get me high again

I swear

 I was not looking

Oh, waited so long

I thought the real thing was a fake

I thought it was a tool to break me down

You proved me wrong again

If love were liquid it would drown me

In a placeless place would find me

In a heart shape come around me and then

Melt me slowly down

If love were human it would know me

In a lost space come and show me

Hold me and control me and then

Melt me slowly down

Like chocolate

Tastes so good

My heart's been mended who'd have thought it would

An empty bet and still I won the cash

A man who I love and who

Loves me back

Oh, waited so long

For love to heal me so I'd feel it

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