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For All I'm Worth

Who’s tellin’ me who’s wrong or right…
When I don’t come home at night?
No mother
No lover

I’m finished with - complaints on me
I’m not what you want me to be
no way…hear what I say!

Don’t keep me apart…
mmm… from all I love
Don’t keep me apart...
Don’t keep me apart from what I love
Just let me be…
Just let me be…
Just let me be…
Just let me be…
For All I’m Worth
For All I’m Worth

Who’s tellin’ us about the babies?
Don’t you think it’s up to the ladies?
Don’t confuse us!
Or refuse us!

I don’t allow some power freak
To make me feel small and weak
No way…
… hear what I say


Just let me be…
… for all I’m worth

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